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Vancouver Business Broker is a full service Business Brokerage company that offers businesses for sale in British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in valuating, packaging, listing and selling existing business opportunities, new business opportunities, franchises and Internet related businesses, throughout the Greater Vancouver Area.

Lionsgate Business Brokers is an Affiliate of Global Business Brokers International, a company with 30 years of business brokerage experience and well over 1,000 businesses sold!

Clifton Kanto, Certified Business BrokerClifton Kanto is a Certified Business Broker (CBB) who understands business from every viewpoint. He has started, grown and sold a number of businesses in his professional life. He knows what entrepreneurs want, he knows what business buyers need, and he makes the perfect match, efficiently, effectively and reliably. Committed to following a full and complete process when locating and qualifying potential business buyers, he is willing to stake his reputation on it.

He has gained clients' trust in the integrity and ethics of Lionsgate Business Brokers by building relationships, being imaginative, entrepreneurial and effective in all interactions, Clifton provides exemplary service and results to every current and potential business owner.

The following are just some of the services that a professional, experienced British Columbia Business Broker like Clifton Kanto can do for you:

COURTESY VALUATIONSIf you are ready to sell your business now, Lionsgate Business Brokers can provide a Courtesy Valuation of your business, based on preliminary financial information, to determine the Fair Market Value range of your business. This is very important in determining the ultimate sales price of your business. As the name implies, there is no cost or obligation for this valuation, as long as your business meets our basic criteria.

SELL YOUR BUSINESSLionsgate Business Brokers has all of the tools and skills necessary to attract the largest number of qualified buyers for your business, from all over the world! They have over 30 of their own Business Opportunity Web Sites and they advertise their listings on many additional International Business Opportunity Web Sites.

Only buyer prospects that have signed a Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement will have access to your preliminary information.

BUSINESS BUYERS - If you are ready to buy a business, you can save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by only looking at businesses that have been professionally valuated. All businesses listed by Lionsgate Business Brokers have "passed the test" of being profitable now, have excellent books and records and have excellent prospects for continued growth and profitability. Click on the INFORMATION FOR BUYERS button above for full information.

You can begin your search by clicking on the BUSINESSES FOR SALE BY CATEGORY or the BUSINESSES FOR SALE BY REGION button above.

FACILITATE THE NEGOTIATION PROCESS - Since selling or buying a business is at least as emotionally charged as selling or buying a home, both the seller and the buyer will benefit greatly from a professional British Columbia Business Broker like Clifton Kanto who can objectively negotiate all of the aspects of a successful business sales transaction with the objective of making sure that the final result is fair to all parties.

FACILITATE THE TRANSFER PROCESS - Finding the right buyer for a business is just the beginning of a successful transaction. Clifton will assist both the buyer and the seller in every aspect of the transfer, right through to completion. Clifton knows what to do to make the entire process go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

If you are serious about getting your business sold, please contact Lionsgate Business Brokers today so that we can provide you with additional information on getting the process started with a Courtesy Valuation

If you are serious about purchasing a business, you can search the Lionsgate Business Brokers database of Businesses For Sale in British Columbia. They offer Automotive, Distribution, Food Service, General Service, Home Based Businesses, Manufacturing, Recreation and Retail businesses, Franchise listings and Internet related businesses.


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